Suppose you need help choosing the best Bluetooth Earphones Under 500. Do not be alarmed; we have your support! How earphones enhance our daily lives is countless. That is one of the best instances when we work out or out. We no longer have to hold our smartphones while jogging or worry about our moving arms becoming tangled in the cords of our headphones. We can use earbuds to listen to music or podcasts while exercising. Without any obtrusive cables getting in the way, our devices can be stored securely in a pocket, pouch, or another adjacent area.

Businessmen and women or anyone with a hectic schedule might consider using earbuds. These are ideal for on-the-go calling. Chatting on the phone is simple since all you have to do is talk, just like in a regular discussion. With these earbuds, your hands are completely free. As you work around the house, earbuds are also excellent for guided meditation, webcast listening, watching television or film shows, and conversing with others.

There are the best Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 for sale on the market, but it may be challenging to search among the options to locate them. Every listener should also be careful to choose fitting earbuds because they can affect how well they grasp what they are hearing.

Top Three Picks:

The Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones are the best earbuds for enhancing hearing. The earbud and nozzle have been reduced for maximum comfort and six pairs of 

Klipsch’s trademarked oval ear tips are now included for the ideal fit and seal.

With in-home music systems, reference monitors, and headphones that effortlessly blend into daily life, Bang & Olufsen changes your audio experience with more excellent sound and acoustic quality wherever you are.

NEW Westone B50 with Wireless Cable Five Expanded Driver Cheap End Genuine Earphones are a type of universal earpiece that are incredibly comfy, lightweight, small, and low-pro. Our unique ear tips provide a superb grip and seal, which improves the B30’s functionality.

You can use this content to pick the best Bluetooth headphones by comparing the features, cost, and usability of Wireless earphones.

Fortunately, we have already narrowed down a selection of the top Bluetooth earphones for you to save your time and effort to do it yourself. Please read it all to learn more about the top 10 Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 on the market. Also, you can find several qualities to look for in Bluetooth earphones.

The popular Bluetooth earbuds in this article have been evaluated for their sound quality, battery life, cutting-edge technology, and device compatibility.

List of Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones Under 500

Amazing things can happen when you use technology for good and not evil, such as reliable Bluetooth earphones for listening.

Cheap Bluetooth headphones are composed of Poor Quality Materials on the inside and outside. The fundamental distinction between low-cost and expensive headphones is;

High-end headphones offer clear, pure sound that is of a high caliber. Because the business carefully designed headphones speakers to offer authentic sound. And Cheap Headphones need to catch up in those areas. These occasionally sound bad and can’t give precise frequency. Hence, there is no distinction between inexpensive and expensive headphones except for this. If money is tight, pick an affordable option.

When searching for the finest Bluetooth earbuds, numerous options are accessible, and each earbud has its characteristics and advantages. Based on extensive study and consideration of professional opinions and ratings, we have created a list of the top 10 Bluetooth earphones. These Bluetooth earphones can help you with all of your listening issues.

List Here For Bluetooth Earphones Under 500:

1. Beats Studio EarBuds– These are Apple & Android friendly Wireless Bluetooth Active Noise cancellation Earbuds.

2. Bang & Olufsen Bluetooth Earphones– Rich, strong sound is provided by the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport earbuds with 28H playtime, which can support you during even the most brutal workouts.

3. Westone W40 Earphones- It has been engineered to eliminate background noise and stop sound leaking, allowing you to hear pure music played as the composer intended.

4. Bang & Olufsen Wireless Earbuds are the most effective and reliable Bluetooth earphones with Microphones and Touch Control, Wireless Charging Case, and 35-Hour Playtime.

5. LG TONE Flex Neckband Earphones- The LG TONE Flex is a high-end wireless neckband headphone. It can upgrade low-resolution tracks to 32-bit elevated audio for the best streaming quality.

6. Final Audio Hands-free Earbuds- iPhone and Android Earphones with a built-in microphone and hands-free touch controls. These headphones come with an accurate wireless setup and a charging case.

7. Shure AONIC Simple Portable Bluetooth Earplugs- These Sound Isolating Wireless Bluetooth Earphones include a 21-hour battery performance, film company sound, clear calls, lasting durability, a lightweight design, and fingertip management.

8. Klipsch T5 II Bluetooth Earphones– One of the finest and performing wireless earbuds currently on the market, the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless offers excellent functionality in tastefully vintage packaging.

9. Westone Truefit New B50 Earphones-In terms of fit and usability, the slim design of Westone is just impossible to match.

10. Bang & Olufsen 20Hr Playtime Earphones- The audio quality of these headphones is more expressive and detailed than any but the most expensive wireless earbuds. These are fantastic headphones for the high-end market.

Reviews of Top 10 Bluetooth Earphones Under 500

When you require dependable, persistent, and the most excellent Bluetooth headphones, these earphones can ease your worries and satisfy your needs. These headphones are effective and provide their users with comfort and precision.

You may move around your office with this Bluetooth headset and not worry about missing a call. The usual range is between 25 and 100 meters—no more difficult wiring to get in the way. You can focus on work rather than constantly fumbling with cords. One can still be productive when on hold for a call by working on other things away from my phone or computer.

Thanks to these Bluetooth headsets, you can now connect with your job, clients, or even your family and friends wherever you are. Most available alternatives include simple control buttons on the wireless headset, allowing you to answer or finish calls without returning to your phone or computer.

Active noise cancellation is a function included with these Bluetooth headphones. Industry experts advise purchasing active noise-canceling headphones because this improved function reduces unwanted outside noise, so You can pay attention to the sounds you choose. And in this case, the most vital feature of ANC headphones is their ability to work both with and without an audio wire. Also, it aids in noise reduction at the office or in traffic.

Some of the benefits of these wireless headphones include flexibility and mobility. The portability of wireless headphones amplifies this effect. With these, you may travel anywhere while listening to music, podcasts, and many more. Wireless headphones are a need for athletes. Presently, Bluetooth is practically ubiquitous. Most of your electronic devices come equipped with a Bluetooth feature that may be utilized with a Bluetooth headset. Also, linking these Bluetooth headsets is quicker and easier than coupling your conventional headset.

Beats Studio IPX4 Rating Wireless Noise Canceling Earbuds

With its brand-new Beats Studio Buds wireless headphones, Beats by Dre is returning. Beats have seen a significant transformation over the previous ten years as a firm, going from an industry icon to one currently owned by Apple. Its most miniature set of headphones, the Beats Studio Buds, are priced so you may be persuaded to buy one even though we are very complimentary of them. They are not faultless. 


You could dismiss these earphones as just another pair of AirPods-like headphones when you see the $149 price tag. Your surprise will come when you learn that the Beats Studio Buds have active noise canceling. It is a great deal given that Apple’s standard AirPods without ANC cost $159 each.

Clear voice

Also, you can access the Transparency option, which enables you to hear everything around you clearly without removing your headphones. You would need to spend an additional $100 on the AirPods Pro to access these functions from the standard AirPods.

USB-C port

There is a USB-C port on the Beats Studio Buds. It represents a substantial improvement over the Powerbeats Pro’s Lightning port. So, you use the same wire to charge these earphones whether you have an Android phone or even an iPad Pro.

If you have ever envied the AirPods’ one-touch pairing with Apple, you will be overjoyed that Beats Studio Buds will enable the same feature across Android devices. You heard correctly: unlock your phone, open the case, and watch for the popup. When you decide to connect, a popup to download the Beats app will appear.

Battery Life

On charging, the Beats Studio Buds last longer than Apple’s more expensive truly Bluetooth earbuds. You can listen for eight hours with active noise canceling off. It’s a good thing that these headphones come in black, white, and red. We anticipate Beats will eventually offer more hues, as they frequently do.


  • Stylish, Modern Design.
  • Incredible Bass Response 100% Money-Back Promise.
  • Full stereo sound.
  • High-quality microphone for calls while traveling.


  • Lack of wireless charging.
  • Automatic Ear Detection Is Missing
  • Have no Apple H1 Chip. 
  • Only Limited Supply for USA Shipment.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay 28H Playtime In-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 


It was founded 95 years ago by Danish engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. Bang & Olufsen is well known for its concept of sound as furniture, sleek and modern innovation, and conscious design. In every B&O product, sound, build quality, and design come together.


With in-home audio devices, surround sound speakers, and earbuds that effortlessly fit into daily life, Bang & Olufsen changes your listening experience by providing more excellent sound and dynamic quality wherever you are. These Wireless Earbuds are intended for use in sports and expertly crafted to deliver powerful music performance in any weather condition. Waterproof, snug-fitting, and with a long battery life.


The gorgeous surface may make you doubt it, but the buds are immune to dirt and water splashes. Choose a size that suits your ear correctly. Holding the right ear makes the sound louder; having the left makes it quieter. The touchpad is sensitive and functions well, but it takes some getting used to. It is much simpler than hunting around for a button. Three audio passthrough levels can be changed in the Beoplay app. The buds will remember your setting once you’ve made it in the app until you make a new selection.

With less sophisticated headphones, it would be easier to distinguish between files of differing quality, but these earbuds are subtle and wise enough to make this conceivable. They are good if you want high-quality audio in wireless Bluetooth earbud headphones.

True wireless earphones’ battery life averages four hours on a single charge. You may expect 12 hours from an ultimately charged case, which has enough power for two additional tabs. A micro-USB cable that comes with the issue is used to set it.

Ideal Choice

The Beoplay E8 has much to recommend if you want the flexibility that accurate wireless earbuds offer, are design-conscious, and value good audio quality. These sound fantastic despite not being inexpensive. They are also unquestionably the most abundant alternative because holding a beautiful object is an indescribable joy.


  • Personalisable Sound.
  • Genuine To Every Climate.
  • Crisp, clear Contact Evident.
  • Inductive Charging Cover Revamped.
  • A maximum of 28 HR of playtime.
  • Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 500


  • Stock Goes Empty Occasionally.
  • Pricey relative to value.
  • Not the most cost-effective.
  • A bit cumbersome to wear.

Westone W40 with MMCX Sound and Headset Gen 2 Four-Driver Truthful Earphones with MMCX Sound and Bluetooth Cables


As not all in-ear earbuds are created equal, this is the right site if you’re looking for a distinctive auditory experience. One of these in-ear headphones we hand-selected for your music lover is the Westone W40. It has been engineered to eliminate background noise and stop sound leaking, allowing you to hear pure music played as the composer intended.

Excellent Choice

The Westone W40 has a lot of things going for it, including a fantastic sound, a sturdy design, a snug fit, and more. Although they may not be cheap, these in-ear headphones are unquestionably excellent for music enthusiasts and active people.

In the long term, they add more excellent value to your money because they are durable and have simple parts to replace. The W40 will do an excellent job of keeping you in tune with your music, whether you want to listen to relaxing music before bed, play fast music to accompany your workouts, or listen to your favorite music throughout your daily commute.


At less than $500, the Westone W40 is extremely expensive. Yet, it offers enough features to make your purchase genuinely worthwhile. The W40 is highly adaptable because it can be used with various audio sources, including PCs, cellphones, tablets, and more.

Features For Bluetooth Earphones Under 500

Four balanced-armature drivers are at the heart of the W40’s sound creation, providing a unique audio experience. The song benefits from the clear low ends, which give it the required lift. Much better are the mids, which are accurate without being overly distorted.

Because of the silicone or foam ear tips, the headphones filter out noise. Therefore you can enjoy your music even in crowded places like restaurants or train stations without being distracted by the background noise. In contrast to typical in-ear headphones, the W40’s wire is detachable. There are two different cables included. One is the standard wire with the inline remote for music control and is present on most in-ear headphones. The default cable has an inline remote that provides essential music controls; the Epic cable does not. The buttons are simple to use and offer satisfying tactile feedback.

The W40, like most in-ear headphones, is relatively lightweight and portable, making it simple to bring them wherever you go. But you can store them inside the transporting case that comes with the box if you want to avoid transporting them in their current state.


  • Excellent sound separation and minimal sound leakage.
  • It is an easy-to-use design that is both light and robust.
  • Made with sturdy materials for enduring performance.
  • Excellent value for the money.


  • Sadly, their poor audio quality can turn off discerning listeners.
  • Not budget Friendly.
  • Limited stock is available.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 3rd Generation True Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones with 35-Hour Playtime

These cutting-edge earphones can provide Bang & Olufsen’s Trademark Sound for powerful audio in a small size. These wireless earbuds, which are more potent than ever, offer 35 hours of playtime when used with a fully charged case. Technology advancements like Bluetooth 5.1 for faster, more effective, and stable connectivity complement the opulent design.


These earphones feature high-tech touch controls and paddle voice commands for careful listening. You can choose between tunes, answer calls, and execute voice commands using the simple touch interface. Translucent Mode allows you to re-tune to the external world while changing your sound choices with a few clicks.

Style and Design

These earbuds’ ergonomic interior design makes for pleasant, extended wear. These little earphones contain a high-quality dramatic speaker, electronic sensors, and a close fit in addition to being comfy and providing a genuine sound that renowned Bang & Olufsen sound engineers have adjusted precisely as the designer planned.

Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 enable quicker and more dependable connections for smoother gameplay. Microsoft Swift and Android fast pairing make pairing with the Bang & Olufsen E8 3rd Generation straightforward. Premium call quality also allows for more effective relationships while traveling. True wireless freedom awaits you.

These are robust cordless earbuds that are small and cordless. The Homekit leather charging case allows for quick and straightforward inductive charging. Set your point on a charging pad that is plugged in and wait for it to start charging. A USB-C charging station gives you another choice to support your mobile existence.

Charging Case 

The suede charging bag, optional Qi charging station, and clean, minimalist designs of the earbuds all work nicely together. The velvet case for wireless charging includes an attractive aluminum casing insert that snugly encases your earphones with a rapid magnetic snap. Wireless Bluetooth freedom is provided by the earphones, which have an elegant, covert style.


  • Splash- and dust-resistant construction.
  • Smooth, cozy, well-thought-out design.
  • There are many supplied ear tips available.
  • Decent internal microphone and top-notch audio output.
  • Presets ineffective apps.
  • It comes in Bluetooth Earphones Under 500


  • The buttons on an inline remote are hard.
  • Expensive
  • The battery life could be better.
  • Some people may have trouble getting their ear tips to fit securely.

LG TONE Flex Meridian Audio Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Neckband Earbuds


The LG Tone Flex is the latest set of neckband-based earbuds from South Korean electronics behemoth LG. They are an extra-dimension set of earbud headphones at a very reasonable price. It has one of this category’s longest-lasting batteries and retractable earphones. These Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 are at the top of their class due to the breathtaking sound performance provided by the built-in Meridian Production techniques.


The LG Tone Flex Bluetooth connectivity headphones have a fully adjustable neckband. It is due to a marvelously designed soft rubber waistline, which makes them highly portable.

The Tone Flex, unlike many others in this category, can be perverted and distorted in all instructions, which makes it simpler to store and transport. A dot engraved pattern covers the soft rubber section. Interaction with the neck’s backside adds a degree of safety.


Like other LG headsets, the detachable earbuds performed flawlessly for us every time. A gentle tug will have them instantaneously stretched or pulled back, with this process feeling safe and durable to withstand a lot of abuse. Aesthetically, we notice a lovely soft matte grey outer layer with a silky feel in hand. This set’s shapely yet pointy design gives it an almost futuristic feel. The left side of the headband has both the LG and Green line Audio marketing, which is done very classily. The entire unit is made of high-grade industrial plastic, so we have no concerns about its durability.


The Tone Flex HBS Wireless earphones deliver one of the greatest soundstages of any in-ear system. The sound is crisp, warm, and delicate, as described. The mids are slightly enhanced and clear, the highs shine through without taking the listener’s attention away from the whole sound, and the lows strike the ideal balance between never feeling weak and never overpowering. While they might not be the best duo for music creation, they don’t profess to be; this is an audience through and through.

The eight-hour battery performance of these cordless neckband earphones was tested during our test phase. The good news is that our testing had an average playing time of 10 hours and 12 minutes. While this falls well short of what you might anticipate from a set of over-ear headphones, the Tone Flow is now unquestionably at the top of their weight division.

These perform better than every pair of Bluetooth earphones we’ve tried with this much battery life. And since a quick charge takes only 15 minutes and provides three hours of uninterrupted playback, we never seemed like we were about to run out of power.

The addition of LG’s unique Quick Pairing feature simplifies managing solid links. Thanks to class 1 Bluetooth 5.0’s Multipoint feature, you can link two devices simultaneously. Also, pause playback on one and start it up on the other to flip between the two. We also discovered that it made managing calls simple.


  • The best battery life is available.
  • Hi-Fi 32-bit DAC.
  • Outstanding sound quality.
  • Logical design.


  • It is not a category leader in any way.
  • No splash/water resistance.
  • Limited lifetime.

Final Audio Earphones with Built-in Mic and Hands-Free Touch Controls for iPhone & Android

A Japanese audio company, Final, was founded in 1974 and made stylish headphones. With the brand philosophy of “the exhaustive quest of things that are inherently correct,” we finally made luxury headphones that produce fantastic sound.


These True Wireless Earphones are available in 3 versions corresponding to the Evangelion kits in the animation so that you may pick your favorite or all of them. With a constructed microphone and palm touch controls for phone conversations and music playback, Portable Bluetooth TWS Galaxy Buds are available. These Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 come in 4 colorfully appealing designs: Purple, Black, Red, and Blue.


The inside design would receive much consideration, given that the EVA’s wireless appearance could be one of its main selling features. But this is Final Audio, and they have a solid reputation for producing high-quality headphones and IEMs. Thus, these truly wireless earbuds were expertly crafted by Final. A metal ring suspends an ultra-thin film diaphragm, which is used to create the compact dynamic driver unit. They also use a ferromagnetic magnet and an auditory correction filter to achieve more balance.


Even though many modern, truly wireless systems have touch-sensitive controls, each earbud has a noticeable button. Each button has numerous functionalities and requires several presses to reach them. You can play or pause your track, pick up or end a call, or refuse with a single button click on either side. If music is paused, tapping twice on each bud will activate voice control and increase or decrease the volume. These controls are straightforward, responsive, and easy to use—a pleasure for fans.

The image adopts a linear oval shape that extends to the earbud shell. Aural paintings were correctly exhibited, employing accurate spatiality, which astonished me, as well as the depth and layering on display. With sufficient spacing, the instruments are presented from front to rear. This true wireless creates a pleasant sense of immersion in a psychedelic environment by having percussion elements appropriately appear behind some of the more forward-facing features, such as vocalists.

These headphones have a good audio mix that balances strong bass with high, clear voices. You learn to hear sounds and emotions you had never noticed as you repeatedly listen to the same musical songs.

Ideal Choice

Final Audio’s Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 will impress you. The Evangelion Connection is a clever visual design idea and could become a desirable collectible. In terms of sound quality, you can’t compromise either. Some people will enjoy the deep bass, and the soundstage spread will shake things up. Final Audio headphones move beyond novelty into a genuinely reliable wireless device. You should purchase this item as soon as possible because of its rarity.


  • Provide superb listening comfort.
  • It ensures superior functionality.
  • Available in unique colors and designs.


  • No wearable sensors or multipoint connections.
  • A very sizable charging case.
  • Not budget friendly.

Shure AONIC Free True Wireless Earbuds with 21-hour battery life, studio-quality sound, clear calls, durable construction

Since 1925, when Shure began selling kits and parts for AM radio, the firm has been producing sound systems. Since then, Shure has established a reputation for producing loudspeakers, headphones, and microphones of studio excellence. The Shure Aonic earphones bring the most robust and consistent airtightness and a definite situation driver with a precisely tuned but not fatigue-inducing sound to daily use. The company also has a history in individual surveillance systems for musical concerts.


Although Shure is a well-known name in audio among professionals and music fans, it skipped the wireless headphone trend for everyday consumers. Now that the company has a pair of wireless earbuds, they aren’t just cheap imitations of Apple’s AirPods Pro and cost a little more.

These Shure headphones are IPX4 certified, which means that while they are not entirely waterproof, they are sweat- and water-drop. They also include built-in microphones for simple calling. The set consists of earphones, a power button, a required charge cable, small, moderate, and big latex “straps’ ‘ (also known as ear tips), and small, middle, and giant bubble options. It also includes everything you’ll require to use it for a very long period.


The opaque black or translucent blue Sonic earphones come with strong black silicone over-ear hooks that keep the earphones in place and position the control controls directly below your earlobe for easy access. You can use them with wired networks (cable available separately) like an airplane entertainment unit or even a belt pack if you’re a vocalist searching for dual-purpose audio equipment because the hook is removable.


The Sonic earphones employ passive noise-cancellation, which fills your ear canal to filter out outside noise, compared to active noise-cancellation, which uses a microphone to detect outside tones and an algorithm to produce opposite acoustic signals to cancel them out.

It’s essential to have the proper fit with Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 in general. The six pairs of “soft flex” and cushion ear tips described earlier are included with the Sonic earbuds. The Shure Sonic 215’s control buttons snap into a slot with the “right” and “left” signals facing vertically, making charging simple.


  • Strong Bottom, Accurate, Studio quality Voice.
  • Stylish Shape, Comfy Size, As well as Reliable.
  • Configurable Management and Easily Accessible.
  • Best Solution For Isolating Noise.


  • Not thoroughly water resistant.
  • Costly.
  • Substantial charging case.
  • At startup, options are restricted.

Klipsch True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones with 32 Hours of Battery Life, Best Fitting Ear Tips, Transparency Mode, and Beamforming Mics


The Klipsch T5 II True Wireless ANC are high-end in-ears that separate from the competition thanks to their unique characteristics. They have a feature called Bragi Moves that lets you register orders by moving your head. Also, they have Dirac HD Sound software, which is said to enhance audio reproduction. They have an active noise canceling (ANC) system to help filter out ambient noise, and its companion app offers a graphic EQ and presets to let you customize their bass-heavy sound.


The Klipsch T5 II headphones have a paper instruction book, but you can access it through their app. A wonderful assortment of silicone earplugs, some oval and others round, are included with the earphones and are essential to their comfort and sound output. The T5 II excels in this area. With wireless earbuds, the solace of the fit is everything.


The Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 are incredibly comfy for many factors. First of all, they weigh only five grams each. The silicone tips on the sound tube are fragile and fit in the ear perfectly, creating a superb seal. The T5 II are less noticeable than other earphones due to their modest profile. They could be worn without your awareness.

With a 24-hour case stretch, the battery lasts 8 hours on a single charge. Seven hours were found when testing music playback at 50% volume. Regarding wireless consistency, the Klipsch is excellent, with an incredibly long range and dependability. Only a few noise problems have been found over our brief testing period.

For commuting and traveling, the Klipsch T5 II ANC is adequate. They feel well-built, are relatively compact, and are lightweight. Some users, meanwhile, might not enjoy their deep in-ear fit. Its constant battery life of under five hours could not be sufficient for lengthy journeys, and its ANC struggles to cancel out the low rumbling of bus or airplane engines. Their pack has room for about three more charges on the plus side.

Ideal choice

There are several applications that the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless is appropriate for. They are convenient because of their lightweight design, and their secure fit is ideal for working out at the gym. Most noises in an office setting may be passively isolated, but bass-heavy disturbances like the vehicles you hear on your commute cannot.


  • Bass with strength and grace.
  • Comprehensive mid-range coverage.
  • Stylish charging case.
  • Water-resistant.


  • Treble sibilance is a weakness.
  • More vibrant and spacious sounding than some.
  • Active noise cancellation is absent.

Westone Original B50 Wireless Earphones with High-Resolution Silver MMCX Cable 

A universal-t earpiece that is small, low-profile, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable is the culmination of 60 decades of expertise in building goods for the ear. Its unique ear tips improve the B30’s functionality by providing an excellent grip and seal upon arrival.


With the B50, Westone provides an abundance of extras, including a carrying case, two cords (including a Bluetooth cable and a silver-plated copper wire), a polishing tool, two sets of cover plates, and ten pairs of ear tips. The Westone B50 has a very low-profile fit with a slender profile. These fit well on my giant ears. However, I’ve seen others wearing these earphones quickly, even with small ears. Even with its silver plating, the accompanying wiring cable is still very light, especially when compared to stronger or heavier lines from Shure or other manufacturers like ALO Audio.

The B50 is built by the attempted Westone method. These earbuds are sturdy but pleasant thanks to a strong but lightweight plastic construction, and an MMCX connector opens up a world of options for third-party accessories.

Clear Sound

5 BA drivers inside the B50 handle sound. And it is in that sound that the B50 and the earlier W50 are most different. The B50, tuned for extra bass and warmth, produces a stunning sound that will entice longtime Westone supporters while winning over those who previously passed on the brand.

Although you will enjoy the clarity of the silver connection during listening sessions, the supplied Bluetooth cable is a clever addition. Nonetheless, pairing on the supplied V1 cable continues to be a quick and straightforward process.

The B50’s in-ear construction prevents it from offering a vast sense of pitch. For an earbud, it’s still a stunning soundscape thanks to some excellent depth and a feeling of being far away. High notes have enough freedom to breathe. However, the accompaniment could be more personal if it were more complicated.

Ideal Choice 

The Westone B50 is a fantastic advancement of the earlier Westone W50 and provides a good listening experience. Followers of rock, hip-hop, and electronic music will find this earphone especially appealing because of the added emphasis on the bottom end and the addition of some pounding bass.

Nonetheless, the sound is greatly lent to other forms like pop, academics, and jazz by the more-than-capable mids and high-resolution highs. Indeed, the Westone B50 is a need if you’re searching for that somewhat warm sound that will have you hearing for hours on end without ever veering too far from neutral.


  • Accurate fit, lightweight technology.
  • High-quality frequency range.
  • Outstanding sound clarity.
  • Dust resistant and lightweight.


  • Not water resistant.
  • These are uncomfortably loose.
  • Very difficult to insert and properly seal.
  • The Westone case for the buds was a touch slight, which IS the main letdown.

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 with 20 Hours of PlaytimeBang


The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ earphones are the first earbuds to offer Reactive ANC, a more advanced version of Active Noise Cancellation. They have a friendly and supportive design that feels sturdy and robust. These Bang & Olufsen wireless Bluetooth in-ear speakers come with an elegant, lightweight aluminum carrying case to slip into your pocket. The wireless earphones are magnetically held inside the case to prevent them from falling off when turned upside down or shaken.


You can select a size appropriate for your ear because the box also contains four sizes of silicone tips, ranging from exceptionally small to large. You would also receive one COMPLY sport 200 ear tip in the medium size for a better fit while working out. As soon as it fits your ears properly, this ear tip provides the finest seal for active noise cancellation.

Sound Quality

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ earphones are well-balanced, completely wireless earbuds that block background sound and outside interference for a rich sound quality. The integrated 6.88mm electrodynamic driver in the Bang and Olufsen EQ earbuds provides superb quality, with six high-quality call microphones.


When used with the Bang & Olufsen app, where you can configure your wireless earphones to fit you, the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ earphones seem more lifelike. Touch control is available on both the right and left earbuds. You may activate transparency mode by double-tapping the left earbuds. You may change the volume, pause/play music, change the current track, or answer or finish a call using the simple touch interface.

These Bang and Olufsen Beoplay Earbuds have a battery capacity of 20 hours for both wireless earphones and power buttons. They may be used for 6 hours and thirty minutes with ANC, 7 hours and 30 minutes without ANC, and 20 hours. The EQ can be quickly charged in 20 minutes and has a 2-hour listening time. A wireless adapter or a USB-C cable can be used to assess the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ earbuds.


Bang and Olufsen earphones are pricey because they are manufactured with high-quality components and operate well. You should know quality is costly when purchasing Bang & Olufsen earbuds.


  • It supports wireless charging.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Crystal-clear calls.
  • Active noise cancellation.


  • Expensive.
  • Track navigation controls are absent on the earbuds.
  • Excessively condensed EQ.

Buying Guide For Bluetooth Earphones Under 500

The correct headphones may dramatically alter how you use your favorite digital devices, making browsing for new wireless headphones more enjoyable. High-quality options abound in the market, ranging from cost-effective true wireless earbuds to opulent over-ear headphones that are well worth the investment.

Our team combed options at various price points to find today’s top wireless headphones for weeks. Our study concentrated on three types of headsets:

  • Bone conduction headphones
  • Earbuds with a headband in various sizes
  • Truly wireless earbuds and neckbands

All the headphones on our list produce excellent quality and will improve your listening experience, regardless of the ideal fit.

Are you looking for an earphone shopping guide to assist you in understanding which features to search for? If so, this article will guide you. In today’s digital age, headphones, like televisions, are among our houses’ most common technical things. This situation is still the same. Whether you want to listen to music, talk to someone, or watch a web series or movie without bothering those around you, fitting earbuds or headphones are the ideal choice.

Many different earbuds types, shapes, and sizes are now available in the online marketplace. It can be perplexing. On top of that, specific crucial considerations must be considered when choosing your earphones/headphones. One way to clear your doubts is to read this headphone-buying guide and comprehend the language and technical details.

The Bluetooth earphones’ clever and engaging features may entice you to get one. You must examine technical specifications, price, form, and so on.

Examine the sound quality as well as the battery life. Also, be sure that your desired earphones have flawless Bluetooth connectivity. Don’t forget to look for accessible styles before making a purchase.

Design Of The Bluetooth Earphones Under 500

In-ear headphones are commonly referred to as earphones or earbuds. These headphones are those that fit into your ear canal. They are the most transportable of the four options. Below are its advantages and disadvantages.

On-ear headphones fit on top of your ears but do not entirely enclose your ear. Its band is frequently worn over or behind the head. It is less bulky and lightweight than over-ear headphones. Let’s discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

Over-ear headphones are those that encircle your ears entirely. There are closed or open versions of these headphones. The most convenient of the three varieties is over-ear headphones.

System of Acoustics

Its design is represented by an acoustic system in earbuds. A closed auditory system prevents ambient noise from entering the earphones. An open acoustic system lets everyone around you quickly hear what you hear.


Earphone drivers convert electrical information into sound pressure. Said a more significant driver equals more excellent overall good quality.

IPX Classification

We are notorious for being negligent when it comes to earphones. As a result, dust, splashes, sweat, and anything else can harm them. It is recommended to use a headphone with a higher IPX rating. The IPX rating specifies the amount of protection against water, dust, and sweat, among other things. It also denotes water resistance, waterproofing, or dust resistance. A higher IPX rating equates to better protection.

Reaction to Frequency

The frequency response of an earphone refers to the frequency range it can cover. A more comprehensive frequency range equals a higher frequency. The greater the distance between the minimum and maximum value, the greater the degree.


Impedance refers to the Impedance of the earphone circuit to an electric signal. In general, choosing an earphone with a lower impedance is desirable. It should be less than 25 Ohms.

Life of the Batteries

That is a crucial element to consider while choosing an earphone. It changes depending on the type of headphones. Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 have a better battery life than wireless earbuds. You should select headphones with long battery life, quick charging, and high-performance levels.


It refers to how much sound an earphone can produce for one milliwatt of power. Greater sensitivity equals better sound. Earphone sensitivity typically ranges from 80 to 110 dB.


A tiny membrane within the earphone vibrates and creates sound. There is no fixed shape or material for diaphragms, and the maker uses it to produce the most incredible sound.

Noise Cancellation 

What are essential characteristics to consider when purchasing earphones? If you travel frequently or are continuously in a noisy area, ANC headphones can be handy because they suppress even minor sounds, such as air conditioning, airplanes, and drones.

Water Resistance

Suppose you want a pair of Bluetooth headphones that can endure exposure to sweat and water throughout your indoor and outdoor activities. In that case, you should seek models with an official water resistance certification. You can view more of our finest sports headphones in our comprehensive list.

Type of the earbuds

Before upgrading, the most crucial choice is whether you want Bluetooth earbuds or headphones because each option has unique advantages. Often, headphones offer superior sound quality and substantially longer battery life than earbuds of a comparable price.

You have two alternatives for wireless earbuds: a genuine wireless pair or a neckband set. Wireless earphones are lighter and more comfortable than headband headphones. The latter is more significant, but Before upgrading, the most crucial choice is whether you want Bluetooth earbuds or headphones because each option has unique benefits.

Often, headphones offer superior sound quality and substantially longer battery life than earbuds of a comparable price, cost less and have a longer battery life than wire-free headsets. Indeed wireless earbuds are by far the most well-liked and reliable category right now, with a wide range of alternatives.

Audio Performance

The best wireless headphones stand out from their competitors due to their superior treble and midrange capabilities, essential for fully appreciating vocals and the intricate subtleties in a song’s instrumentals. In reasonably priced headsets, bass quality is often easy to tell apart. While very enjoyable, a booming low-range output may, depending on the product, come at the sacrifice of the midrange and the highs.

To assess the audio quality and functionality of each headset’s inbuilt microphone(s), which are crucial characteristics if you’re searching for Bluetooth earbuds for the office, I also utilized each one to make calls and participate in virtual meetings. Be ready to experience upcoming sound with a pair (or two) of these hand-selected, rigorously analyzed Bluetooth headphones and earbuds now that you know what to look for in a wireless set of headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bluetooth Earphones Under 500

Given the variety of styles, types, and prices, purchasing new headphones can be challenging. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way—and we can assist. Please don’t give up on terrific sound because you think you can’t afford it; there are excellent headphones for almost any price range. But remember that if you mostly listen to reduced mp3s or less-than-perfect YouTube movies, you might not need a more expensive set of phones that can expose every last detail. Also, the model you select must be comfy, particularly if you frequently wear your headphones for long periods.

There are some common questions that most customers ask;

What earbuds are best for noisy environments?

It would help if you fo active noise cancellation or one that can block out some external noise. Most closed, over-ear headphones (circumaural headphones) and in-ear earphones, inserted into the ear canal, effectively isolate outside noise. Tiny microphones capture the frequencies of incoming noise in models with active noise cancellation, and electronic circuitry driven by batteries generates out-of-phase harmonics to “cancel” the noise. Our headphone evaluations for noise-canceling models rated the sound quality and noise reduction.

Which earbuds are best for athletic activity?

You’ll require earbuds or headphones that can stay in place while moving erratically. Many versions now contain water- and sweat-resistant material or coverings that prevent moisture and enable them to be washed after vigorous exercises. Some models have specific ear tips or bands that offer a secure, snug fit.

What features should you remember while using the headphones, primarily with a phone or tablet?

Observe the controls on the inline remote control and the sensitivity of the headphones. The power needed to drive headphones to acceptable volume levels is known as sensitivity. It would help to opt for a model with at least moderate responsiveness because portable devices often have less power than a home A/V receiver. However, a model with medium-high or high sensibility would allay most worries. Be sure the inline remote control of the headphones includes a constructed microphone and buttons that let you answer and end calls without withdrawing your phone.

What headphones are suitable for use at the gym?

Whether you want to wear your headphones in the gym or underwater will depend on your preferences. Moisture-resistant headphones are perfect for the gym since they won’t need to be adjusted when working hard. However, waterproof headphones are an excellent option for those who enjoy water sports and need a little concentration and focus.

Are the Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 quick charging capable?

Several headphones today offer rapid charging in addition to long battery life. It is for shorter listening sessions, and you need your headphones to charge in around 15 minutes. Given the variety of possibilities on the market, it’s crucial that you carefully examine the headphone specifications.

How powerful and Impedance are the headphones?

Less power is needed to achieve a certain level of audio when a headphone’s resistance is configured to be low. Hence, you can get a respectable level of music from low-frequency amplifiers like cell phones and other devices with low Independence earbuds.

Usually, this is true for headphones with an impedance of about 24 ohms (the unit of measurement of Impedance).

Final Thoughts

All the Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 on our list have undergone testing. The ones included in our handbook had to check off several essential items.

Bluetooth connectivity comes first. Wireless is a given, but wireless quality is also crucial since we want our connections to be dependable and stable to get to the good parts without interruption.

Style and wearability are essential, too. We examined their comfort over extended durations to see how they would hold up over long listening sessions or trips. We also considered their appearance to see if they gave off the impression that you were a plugged-in music enthusiast or one of the Cybermen from Dr. Who.

The days of sacrificing audio quality for the ease of wireless headphones are long gone. Every set of Bluetooth headphones must produce a loud, clear sound, as is our expectation.

1. The Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones are the top-performing earbuds for improving hearing.

2. Bang & Olufsen improves your audio experience with better sound and acoustic quality.

3. NEW Westone B50 with Wireless Cable Five Expandable Driver Low-End Authentic Earphones are exceptionally comfortable, light, tiny, and low-pro.

Our team knows that high-end Bluetooth Earphones Under 500 can be prohibitively expensive for some people. There is no acceptable audio quality compromise for some music lovers. Because of this, we’ve considered both types of listeners in this guide. Each set of headphones will make you feel like you made the most excellent possible financial decision to obtain the best audio experience.

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