Best Smartwatches Under 100 offer a perfect blend of functionality, style, and affordability in wearable technology. In an era where smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, these budget-friendly options provide an excellent entry point for individuals seeking the convenience and versatility of a smartwatch without breaking the bank. 

Despite their lower price point, these smartwatches boast a range of features that cater to fitness enthusiasts, tech-savvy users, and those simply looking to stay connected on the go. Thus, are you looking for digital watches that can track your daily steps, receive notifications at a glance, or have a voguish design? Then you are at the right place! Go through the reading below and search for the best smartwatches. 

However, many budget-friendly, high-cutting digital wearables are available in the market, and we have elaborated on the top ten smartwatches under $100, per experts’ viewpoints. Selecting a single item from the heap is tough, so this post is for your convenience. 

Top Three Picks:

After putting much time and resources into identifying these smartwatches, we finally represented the top-suggested digital watches. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 is the most excellent brand for kids due to its sturdy construction. Its dual camera helps you to take selfies and make videos.

The second fiddle digital watch included in the recommendation is the Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in for men and women. The watch has a large colour screen and provides impressive fitness-focused features at a moderately reasonable price. 

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch is also included in our suggestion list because of its lightweight, activity-tracking features, built-in GPS, and satisfaction guarantee. 

These three aforementioned digital watches are durable., comfortable to watch, and provide multiple features that fit the users’ demands. The presence of any one smartwatch in your watch collection will assist you in focusing on your fashion and health.

List of Top 10 Smart Watches Under 100

In this high-tech and sophisticated era, the best smartwatches under 100 come in multitudinous styles; thus, you can pick up among varied sizes, styles, watch faces, and colours. However, some smartwatches are good for tracking health metrics, and some are perfect for tracking physical activities.

Furthermore, the best digital watches are well-built with a perfect blend of conventional manufacturing techniques and the latest technology. It consists of a silicon processor and sensors such as silicone accelerometers and gyroscopes. These smartwatches also support wireless technologies, including Bluetooth, GPS, and WIFI. 

We have spent much time and resources identifying these smart watches and curated a list of solid budget-friendly smartwatch options. Thus, you don’t need to scroll through different web pages and waste time looking for a watch that fits your budget.

List Here;

  1. Best Smartwatch Under $100 With GPS: Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch 
  2. Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch 
  3. Amazfit GTS 2e SmartWatch
  4. Best Overall Smartwatch Under $100:Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Smart Watch 
  5. Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch 
  6. Fire-Boltt Quantum Luxury Smartwatch 
  7. Accutime Kids Microsoft Minecraft SmartWatch 
  8. Accutime Kids Pokemon Pikachu SmartWatch 
  9. FILIEKEU F57L π™Žπ™‘π™šπ™šπ™₯ π™’π™€π™£π™žπ™©π™€π™§π™žπ™£π™œ Smartwatches
  10. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 

Best Smart Watches Under $100 Reviews:

These best smartwatches under 100 are perfect in every way. It doesn’t matter if you need the watch to spend days hiking in the wilderness, aiming to take regular ECG, or training yourself for an ultramarathon; top-end digital wearable provides you with all possible vital features to give users comfort. 

As experts, we spent a couple of days and hours trying to test and research the latest smartwatch trends and found the ten best smartwatches. In addition, we have elaborated on the details of every high-tech watch mentioned in this article, so you can choose the ideal one to get notifications on your wrist. 

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch 

Amazfit GTS 2 Mini Smart Watch is the coolest Smartwatch under $100. It has a stylish design and offers excellent value for your money. The digital watch has a 1.55-inch screen and an AMOLED display for remarkable visuals. According to experts, you can use this Smartwatch for 5 days, but by disabling power-hungry mode, you can claim the battery usage for up to 7 days.  

Health and Fitness Tracking

With the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini, you can bid farewell to health worries. It performs the best fitness tracking with an advanced BioTrackerTM 2 PPG high-precision optical sensor that monitors your heart rate continuously. Moreover, when your heart rate rises above predetermined levels, it notifies you. 

PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)

The PAI system from Amazfit provides a distinctive method of tracking fitness. Thus, it provides a quick and easy method to determine your overall fitness level by generating a single score using your heart rate data. The personal activity intelligence system is a beginner-friendly system derived from research conducted by the HUNT scientific body. 

Sleep Quality Insights 

You can get your sleep quality insights from the Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch. When you sleep after wearing this digital watch, it automatically analyzes and provides your sleep data. Moreover, you can also synchronize the data with the Zepp app. This application provides you with detailed information regarding when you wake up. 

Furthermore, you can check sleep stages, including REM sleep time. There are multiple useful recommendations that can assist you in getting a better night’s sleep. Also, you can check your sleep scores. 

Oxygen Saturation Monitoring 

The Amazfit GTS 2 Mini contains an OxygenBeats sensor, measuring blood oxygen saturation levels (SpO2). It is a chief indicator of your respiratory health and is beneficial for athletes or people with any respiratory disorder. The low blood oxygen saturation level shows some respiratory problems such as asthma or COPD.

This digital watch can measure your SPO2 level throughout the day. You can also take spot measurements whenever you need. Furthermore, this fantastic watch can take measurements over time to track the variation in your breathing at different time zones. 

Sports Mode in Best Smartwatches Under 100

The Smartwatch provides a whopping 70+ built-in sports modes, which makes it a great associate for different kinds of fitness enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid runner, a cycling fanatic, or a gym rat, the GTS 2 Mini has something to track your every move and receive real-time guidance. It helps you to push your limits and set new fitness goals.

A Stylish Companion

Beyond its impressive functionality, the Amazfit GTS 2 Mini has a remarkable design with a borderless 1.55-inch AMOLED display that is vibrant and easy to read. Due to its lightweight, the watch is comfortable to wear, weighing just 19.5 grams and measuring 8.95mm thick. 

In addition, the display has a layer of curved 2.5D glass, which is not only for protection but also to give the watch a premium feel. The watch has multiple colour options: Black, Midnight Blue, Sage Green, Pink, and Rose Pink. 

Music Control and Notifications 

Imagine not having to reach for your phone while working out or in meetings to check messages. With this Smartwatch, you can control your music and receive notifications right on your wrist. Stay connected without missing a beat.

Long-lasting Battery Life Best Smartwatches Under 100

On typical usage, this amazing Smartwatch’s battery can last up to 14 days. You can wear this watch for a week using the GPS, continuous heart rate monitoring, and other features. Moreover, you can wear the watch for 21 days on a single charge for light usage. 

Stress Monitoring

The digital wearable provides built-in stress monitoring hallmarks that utilize HRV to track stress levels throughout the day. Whenever you are stressed, the HRV decreases. This mini Smartwatch calculates stress scores by using this information. It has a scale to measure stress score, which ranges from 0 to 100.

If your stress score is zero, it means you are in a relaxed state. On the other hand, if the watch shows a score of 100, it means you are in a highly stressed condition. You can view this stress score on the Zepp app, which offers historical data to track stress levels over time. 


Don’t let rain or sweat hold you back. This Smartwatch is water-resistant up to 50 ATM, so you can wear it while swimming and showering without worry. Plus, it offers a built-in GPS to track your outdoor activities accurately.


  • It contains a new Pomodoro tracker
  • Easy to set up
  • Removable watch bands 


  • Disappointing battery backup
  • Not provide accurate heart rate during heavy workout 

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch 

During the investigation, qualified specialists found that the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini smartwatch is lightweight and classy, making it comfortable to wear for a long time. This Best Smartwatches Under 100 is a worthy companion when it comes to connectivity performance. Moreover, the vivid AMOLED display, usually sensors, and precise location services make it worth buying for users. 

Design and Display:

The GTS 4 Mini will likely have a compact and lightweight design, making it comfortable for everyday use. It may feature a touchscreen AMOLED display with vibrant colours and a high resolution for crisp visuals.

Fitness and Health Tracking:

Like other Amazfit watches, it should offer a variety of fitness and health tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, and distance tracking. It may have built-in GPS for accurate outdoor activity tracking, such as running and cycling.

Water Resistance:

Many smartwatches are designed to be water-resistant, allowing you to wear them while swimming or in the rain.

Smart Notifications:

You can expect the GTS 4 Mini to provide notifications for calls, messages, emails, and app alerts, which you can view directly on the watch.

Battery Life:

Amazfit watches typically have good battery life. The GTS 4 Mini should offer several days of usage on a single charge, depending on your usage patterns.

Music Control:

You can control music playback on your smartphone from the watch, including playing/pausing, skipping tracks, and adjusting volume.


It should have Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone, allowing you to sync data and receive notifications.

Customizable Watch Faces:

Like most smartwatches, the GTS 4 Mini might offer various watch face options that you can customize to suit your style and preferences.

Voice Assistant:

Some smartwatches include voice assistant integration, which allows you to use voice commands for various tasks.

Additional Features:

Depending on its specific features and capabilities, the GTS 4 Mini may offer additional functions such as weather updates, sports modes, and downloading apps or watching faces from an app store.


  • Plenty of sports modes
  • Highly accurate tracker you have ever used
  • It contains a microphone and speaker


  • No NFC
  • No rotating crown

Amazfit GTS 2e SmartWatch 

During the testing phase of the best smartwatches under 100, professionals thoroughly checked them and found that Amazfit GTS 2e smartwatches are able to behave and work in a controlled manner. These discrete digital wearables can help tremendously those who are looking for a stylish fitness tracker. 

Stylish Design: 

You’ll appreciate the sleek and stylish design of the Amazfit GTS 2e, featuring a square AMOLED display with a high-resolution touchscreen for a modern, sophisticated look.

Vivid AMOLED Display: 

Enjoy the crisp and vibrant 1.65-inch AMOLED display that ensures clear visibility of notifications, fitness data, and watch faces, even in bright sunlight.

Long Battery Life: 

With up to 14 days of battery life on a single charge, you can rely on this Smartwatch to accompany you through your daily activities without worrying about recharging.

Health Monitoring: 

The GTS 2e keeps a close eye on your health with heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurement, sleep analysis, and stress level tracking, helping you stay on top of your well-being.

Multiple Sports Modes in Best Smartwatches Under 100: 

Whether you’re into running, swimming, cycling, or other sports, this Smartwatch offers over 90 built-in sports modes to accurately track your workouts and performance.

Music Control: 

Control your music playlist and playback directly from your wrist, making it convenient to switch tracks or adjust the volume while on the go.

Built-in GPS: 

You can accurately track your outdoor activities with the built-in GPS, which helps you measure distance and monitor your routes without needing your smartphone.

Notifications and Alerts: 

Stay connected and informed with notifications for calls, messages, emails, and apps right on your wrist. You will notice essential updates even when your phone is in your pocket.

Voice Assistant: 

Access information and perform tasks with ease using the built-in voice assistant, making it simple to set reminders, check the weather, or get directions.

Water Resistance: 

The GTS 2e is water-resistant up to 50 meters, allowing you to wear it while swimming and tracking your swim metrics.

Interchangeable Watch Faces: 

Customize your watch’s appearance with a wide range of watch faces, allowing you to match your Smartwatch to your style or mood.

Health Assessment System: 

This Smartwatch provides a comprehensive PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) score, helping you understand the overall impact of your activities on your health.

Sleep Quality Analysis: 

Get insights into your sleep patterns and receive recommendations for improving sleep quality, ensuring you wake up refreshed.

Smart Home Control: 

Control your smart home devices from your wrist, making it convenient to adjust lights, thermostats, and more without searching for your phone.

Local Storage: 

Store your favorite music on the watch and pair it with wireless headphones for a phone-free music-listening experience during workouts.


  • Intuitive and friendly software 
  • Elegant design with impressive display 
  • Relatively economical


  • Limited functionalities 
  • Repeatable lag during swipes

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro SmartWatch

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Smartwatch is among the Best Smartwatches Under 100, with a classic rounded square-ish display design. By inspecting it many times, the Smartwatch delivers outstanding performance every time. Amazfit Bip 3 pro quickly earned a reputation as an affordable and cheerful fitness tracker along with built-in GPS. 

Design and Build Quality

The first thing that catches your eye when you watch the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is its sleek and modern design. With a premium build quality that combines metal and glass, this Smartwatch looks sophisticated and durable. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear all day long.


The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro boasts a vibrant, sharp AMOLED display that ensures crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight. The touchscreen is responsive and easy to navigate, allowing users to access various functions with a simple swipe or tap. Whether checking your notifications or tracking your fitness goals, the display delivers a visually pleasing experience.

Health and Fitness Tracking

One of the standout features of this Smartwatch is its comprehensive health and fitness tracking capabilities. It has a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level sensor, and sleep-tracking functionality. This ensures that you can closely monitor your vital health metrics and make informed decisions about your well-being.

GPS and Navigation

The built-in GPS in the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts and fitness fanatics. It accurately tracks your routes and helps you stay on the right path during your adventures. Whether running, cycling, or hiking, this feature enhances your overall experience and safety.

Battery Life

Amazfit has always been known for its exceptional battery life, and the Bip 3 Pro is no exception. You can enjoy up to two weeks of usage with a single charge, depending on your usage patterns. This long-lasting battery eliminates the hassle of frequent charging and ensures that your Smartwatch is always ready to go.

Water Resistance

If you enjoy swimming or want a watch that can withstand unexpected splashes, the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro covers you. It has a water resistance rating of 5ATM, making it suitable for swimming and everyday wear without worrying about water damage.

Smart Features

Beyond health and fitness tracking, this Smartwatch offers a range of features to make your daily life more convenient. It provides notifications for calls, messages, and apps, so you get all the critical updates. Additionally, it supports voice commands, allowing you to control your smart home devices easily.


The Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring that a wide range of users can enjoy its features. Its seamless integration with your smartphone makes it a valuable addition to your tech ecosystem.


  • Highly economical
  • Great battery life 
  • Works with Strava and Google Fit


  • No Bluetooth calling 
  • Irritating manual brightness controlling 

Amazfit Bip U Pro Best Smartwatches Under 100


Testing reveals that Amazfit Bip U Pro smartwatches have been proven to monitor the user’s health like a pro on many occasions. These digital wearables are budget powerhouses that are high in quality, work efficiently, and help you focus on your health and fitness. The Amazfit Bip U Pro is among the advanced wearables in a bip line designed to provide maximum comfort for users. 

Alexa Built-In

The standout feature of the Amazfit Bip U Pro is the integration of Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. With Alexa at your beck and call, you can accomplish various tasks with voice commands. Alexa can assist you if you need to set reminders, check the weather, control smart home devices, or even order groceries online.

Fitness Tracking

For those who prioritize their health and fitness, this Smartwatch has you covered. It offers comprehensive fitness tracking features, including heart rate monitoring, sleep analysis, and SpO2 measurement. With this data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your health and well-being.

Built-in GPS

Navigating the world has always been challenging. The Amazfit Bip U Pro has a built-in GPS, allowing you to track your outdoor activities accurately. You can monitor your routes and progress effortlessly, whether jogging, cycling, or hiking.

Long Battery Life

Don’t worry about constantly recharging your Smartwatch. With an impressive battery life of up to nine days on a single charge, the Amazfit Bip U Pro ensures that it’s there when you need it most, without the hassle of frequent charging.

Multiple Sports Modes

No matter what your favourite sport or workout routine is, this Smartwatch offers a variety of pre-installed sports modes. From yoga to swimming, it can track your performance and provide insights to help you improve.

Lightweight and Stylish Design

You shouldn’t have to compromise on style for functionality. The Amazfit Bip U Pro boasts a lightweight, comfortable, and visually appealing design. You can choose from stylish watch faces to match your mood and outfit.

Smart Notifications

Stay connected without reaching for your smartphone. This Smartwatch delivers notifications for calls, messages, emails, and social media alerts directly to your wrist. You can stay in the loop without interruptions.

Music Control

Take control of your music playback with ease. The Amazfit Bip U Pro allows you to play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume right from your wrist. It’s the perfect companion for your workouts or daily commute.


Life is full of unexpected moments, sometimes including getting caught in the rain. Fortunately, this Smartwatch is water-resistant, so you can wear it without worrying during outdoor adventures.

Stress Monitoring

In today’s fast-paced world, managing stress is essential. The Bip U Pro offers stress monitoring and relaxation recommendations to help you maintain your mental well-being.

Find My Phone

Have you ever misplaced your phone? With the Find My Phone feature, your Smartwatch can make your phone ring, helping you locate it quickly.

Customizable Alerts

Personalize your experience with customizable alerts and alarms. Set reminders for meetings and appointments or simply to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Alarms and Timers

Keep track of time with alarms and timers right on your wrist. Whether you need a wake-up call or a reminder to take a break, the Amazfit Bip U Pro covers you.

Affordable Price

Last but not least, the affordability of the Amazfit Bip U Pro makes it an attractive option for those looking to enter the world of smartwatches without breaking the bank.


  • Best Smartwatches Under 100
  • Accurate sleep tracking 
  • Long battery life
  • Built-in GPS 


  • No support from third-party app
  • Poor notification management 

Fire-Boltt Quantum Luxury Smartwatch


According to testing, the Fire-Bolt Quantum Luxury Smartwatch provides users with premium quality and surprisingly accurate health tracking features. This digital watch is ultimately a fashion accessory for trendsetters. This elegant Smartwatch enables the wearer to hang out with complete confidence. 

Premium Design Best Smartwatches Under 100: 

Luxury smartwatches often feature high-quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic in their construction. They tend to have a stylish and sophisticated design.

High-Quality Display Best Smartwatches Under 100: 

A luxury smartwatch typically comes with a high-resolution and vibrant display. This could be an AMOLED or OLED screen, providing sharp visuals and vibrant colours.

Advanced Health and Fitness Tracking: 

These watches usually include a variety of sensors for tracking health and fitness metrics, including heart rate, sleep patterns, steps taken, and more. Some may also offer ECG (electrocardiogram) functionality.

Long Battery Life: 

While luxury smartwatches may not have as long battery life as traditional watches, they should still provide reasonable battery life on a single charge.


They are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity to pair with your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications, control music playback, and more.

Water Resistance: 

Many luxury smartwatches are water-resistant or even swim-proof, making them suitable for various activities, including swimming.


Luxury smartwatches often offer a range of customizable watch faces and bands to suit your style.

Payment and NFC: 

Some luxury smartwatches come with NFC (Near Field Communication) for contactless payments through services like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Voice Assistant Integration: 

Integration with voice assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa is standard in luxury smartwatches, allowing you to control your smart home devices or get quick answers.


 Built-in GPS is a standard feature in many luxury smartwatches, which helps track your outdoor activities and navigation.

Storage and Music: 

Some luxury models have internal storage for music, allowing you to listen to music without your smartphone.

Sapphire Crystal or High-Quality Glass: 

The display is often protected by high-quality glass or sapphire crystal, which is scratch-resistant and durable.


Luxury smartwatches are typically compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, ensuring broad usability.

Additional Features: 

Depending on the brand and model, you may find additional features such as a rotating bezel for navigation, advanced watch faces, and even luxury brand partnerships.


  • Inbuilt storage
  • Crisp and bright display
  • TWS Connection


  • Limited color options
  • No GPS

Accutime Kids Microsoft Minecraft SmartWatch 

Accutime Kids Microsoft Minecraft Smartwatch is a top-in-the-line Best Smartwatches Under 100 because of its long-lasting rechargeable battery, high reliability, and high-end technology. Professionals said after testing that this digital wearable delivers excellent performance. Every Minecraft lover must have this fantastic Smartwatch. 

Interactive Touchscreen: 

You can interact with the watch using its responsive touchscreen, making navigation and access to features easy and intuitive.

Microsoft Minecraft Theme: 

The watch is themed around Microsoft’s popular game, Minecraft, providing kids with a visually appealing and engaging experience.

Educational Games: 

Various educational games are pre-installed on the watch, helping children learn while having fun.

Customizable Watch Faces: 

You can personalize the watch with different Minecraft-themed watch faces, allowing you to choose your favourite design.

Activity Tracking: 

The watch can track your daily activities, including steps and calories burned, encouraging physical activity.

Built-in Camera: 

You can capture photos and videos using the built-in camera, adding an element of creativity to the watch.

Parental Controls: 

Parents can set up controls to limit usage and monitor their child’s activity on the watch, ensuring a safe and controlled experience.

Alarm and Timer: 

You can use the watch to set alarms and timers for various activities or reminders.

Bluetooth Connectivity: 

The watch can connect to other devices via Bluetooth, allowing for data transfer and additional functionality.

Rechargeable Battery: 

The watch comes with a rechargeable battery, ensuring you won’t need to replace batteries frequently.

Water-Resistant Design: 

Thanks to its water-resistant design, you can wear the watch in various environments without worrying about water damage.

Micro-USB Charging: 

Charging the watch is convenient with its micro-USB charging port.

Microphone and Speaker:

You can make voice recordings and listen to audio using the built-in microphone and speaker.

Touchscreen Stylus: 

A touchscreen stylus is included for precise navigation and drawing on the watch’s screen.

MicroSD Card Slot: 

You can expand the watch’s storage capacity using a microSD card, allowing for more games and content.

Calendar and Calculator: 

The watch includes a calendar and calculator, assisting with organization and simple calculations.

Digital and Analog Clocks: 

You can choose between digital and analog clock displays, helping kids learn to tell time.

Durable Build: 

The watch is designed to withstand the active lifestyle of children, and it has a durable construction.

Fun Minecraft Graphics: 

The watch’s interface is adorned with Minecraft graphics, enhancing the gaming experience.


  • Easy to set up 
  • Changeable wallpaper 
  • Best Smartwatches Under 100
  • Step and calorie counter


  • Extra charging may dead the watch
  • Not waterproof 

Accutime Kids Pokemon Pikachu Smartwatch


These days, Accutime Kids Pokemon Pikachu Smartwatch has a unique place; it is a highly recommendable brand for little kids who love Pokemon. Testing reveals that this top-rated digital watch is well-built for performance to the highest degree. Moreover, the watch exhibits a vivid design with Pokemon characters characters and motifs. 

Captivating Pikachu Design

The first thing that catches your eye is the charming Pikachu design on the Smartwatch. Accutime has partnered with PokΓ©mon to create an adorable and appealing exterior that immediately draws kids’ attention. The vibrant colours and familiar Pikachu face make this Smartwatch a fashion statement and a conversation starter among peers.

Interactive Touchscreen

The Accutime Kids Pokemon Pikachu SmartWatch boasts a responsive touchscreen interface that makes navigation a breeze for young users. The intuitive touch controls make it easy for children to access various functions and apps, promoting independent learning and play.

Educational Games

One of the standout features of this Smartwatch is its collection of educational games. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are playing games and learning valuable skills. These games cover various subjects, from math and science to language and geography. They’re designed to be fun and educational, ensuring that kids are engaged while learning.

Built-in Camera

For budding photographers and selfie enthusiasts, the Accutime Kids Pikachu SmartWatch has a built-in camera. Kids can capture their favourite moments and explore their creativity, all while having fun with their Pikachu companion.

Parental Controls

Safety is a top priority, and this Smartwatch offers robust parental controls. Parents can set limits on usage, control app access, and even track their child’s location using the watch’s GPS feature. It provides peace of mind to parents while granting kids a sense of independence.

Voice and Sound Effects

Kids love to mimic and have fun with their voices. The Accutime SmartWatch features voice and sound effects, enabling kids to experiment with different sounds and pitches. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and imaginative play.

Water Resistance

Accidents happen, especially when kids are involved. The Smartwatch is designed to withstand splashes and spills, giving parents one less worry. Whether it’s a sudden rain shower or an accidental spill, the Accutime SmartWatch can handle it.

Customizable Watch Faces

Kids can personalize their Smartwatch by choosing from various customizable watch faces. This feature allows them to express their style and preferences, making the Smartwatch their own.

Long Battery Life

With all these features, you might wonder about battery life. The Accutime Kids Pikachu SmartWatch has an impressive battery that can last all day on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted fun and learning.

Bluetooth Connectivity Best Smartwatches Under 100

The Smartwatch can connect to other devices via Bluetooth, allowing kids to enjoy music and videos. It adds an extra layer of entertainment and convenience to their daily routine.

Durable Build

Accutime understands that kids can be rough with their belongings. This Smartwatch is built to withstand the rigours of daily play and activity. It’s durable and can handle the wear and tear of an active child’s lifestyle.

Alarm and Reminder Functions

The Smartwatch also serves as a practical tool for time management. Kids can set alarms and reminders, helping them stay organized with their daily tasks and activities.

Learning Resources

In addition to games, the Accutime Kids Pikachu SmartWatch provides access to many learning resources. From educational videos to interactive lessons, it supports a child’s quest for knowledge.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Encouraging an active lifestyle, the Smartwatch includes fitness tracking features that help kids monitor their daily activity levels. It promotes physical well-being and keeps them engaged in physical play.


  • Kids-friendly video games
  • Easy to fit 
  • Great gift for kids


  • Difficult to set up time 

FILIEKEU F57L π™Žπ™‘π™šπ™šπ™₯ π™’π™€π™£π™žπ™©π™€π™§π™žπ™£π™œ Smartwatches 

Striking Design and Display

The FILIEKEU F57L boasts a stunning design with a sleek and slim profile. Its vibrant OLED display offers vivid visuals and ensures readability even in direct sunlight. With customizable watch faces, you can personalize your Smartwatch to match your style.

Fitness and Health Tracking

For fitness enthusiasts, this Smartwatch is a game-changer. It has advanced sensors that can monitor your heart rate, track your steps, and even analyze your sleep patterns. Whether you’re hitting the gym or simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the FILIEKEU F57L covers you.

Waterproof and Durability

Are you worried about water damage? Fear not! This Smartwatch is waterproof, making it suitable for swimming and other water-related activities. Its durable build ensures it can withstand the rigours of daily life, making it a reliable companion for all your adventures.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The FILIEKEU F57L seamlessly connects to your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications, calls, and messages directly on your wrist. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring widespread usability.

Long-lasting Battery Life

Nobody wants a smartwatch that constantly needs recharging. With the F57L, you can enjoy extended battery life, allowing you to use it throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

Intuitive User Interface Best Smartwatches Under 100

Navigating through the features of this Smartwatch is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive user interface. Whether a tech novice or a seasoned user, you’ll find it easy to access and use the various functions.

Variety of Apps

Expand the capabilities of your Smartwatch with a wide range of compatible apps. You can enhance your daily routine and stay organized effortlessly, from fitness apps to productivity tools.

Stylish Straps and Accessories

To complement its elegant design, the FILIEKEU F57L offers a variety of interchangeable straps and accessories. You can switch them out to match your outfit or mood, adding a touch of versatility to your style.


  • Improve sleep habits 
  • Track sleep quality 
  • Improve overall health


  • Require regular charging 

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX3


In the fast-paced world of technology, children’s gadgets are evolving as swiftly as those designed for adults. The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 is a prime example of this trend. This innovative device brings the world of smartwatches to the younger generation, offering a range of exciting features tailored to kids. 

Kid-Friendly Design Best Smartwatches Under 100

The first thing you’ll notice about the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 is its appealing design. It’s not just a miniature version of an adult smartwatch; it’s designed with kids in mind. The watch features a vibrant and durable casing, perfect for active youngsters. The colourful touchscreen interface is intuitive and easy for kids to navigate, making it a delightful accessory.

Dual Cameras

One of the standout features of this Smartwatch is its dual-camera setup. Kids can take photos and videos with both front and rear-facing cameras, fostering creativity and allowing them to document their adventures. It’s an excellent tool for young aspiring photographers and videographers.

Fun Games and Activities

The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 has fun games and activities to keep kids entertained. These games are entertaining and educational, helping kids develop their cognitive and problem-solving skills while having a great time.

Parental Controls

While the watch offers plenty of entertainment, parents will appreciate the robust parental control options. You can limit playtime, set quiet hours, and control which apps your child can access. This ensures a healthy balance between fun and responsibilities.

Fitness Tracker Best Smartwatches Under 100

In a world where physical activity is crucial for kids’ development, the built-in fitness tracker on the KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 is a valuable feature. It encourages kids to stay active by tracking their steps and providing rewards for achieving daily goals.

Customizable Watch Faces

Kids can personalize their Smartwatch by choosing from a variety of watch faces. Whether they’re into superheroes, animals, or sports, there’s a watch face to suit their style.

Rechargeable Battery

Parents will appreciate the convenience of the rechargeable battery. There is no need to replace batteries constantly; recharge the watch, and it’s ready for another adventure.

Durable Build

Kids can be rough on toys, but the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 can handle it. Its sturdy construction is designed to withstand the bumps and tumbles of active play.

Voice Recorder

Another creative feature of this Smartwatch is the voice recorder. Kids can record fun messages, create audio diaries, or practice storytelling skills.

Alarm and Calendar Functions

The watch also includes practical functions like alarms and calendars. It’s an excellent tool for teaching kids about time management and responsibility.


Accidents happen, so the KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 is designed to be splash-proof. It can handle a bit of water, making it suitable for everyday wear.

Learning Apps

In addition to games, this Smartwatch offers a range of learning apps that cover subjects like math, science, and language arts. It’s a fantastic tool to support your child’s education.

Colourful Wristbands

To add a touch of style, the watch comes with interchangeable wristbands in various colours. Kids can switch them out to match their outfits or mood.


The KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 can connect to a computer, allowing kids to transfer their photos and videos for safekeeping or sharing with friends and family.

Great Value

Considering all the features packed into this Smartwatch, it offers exceptional value for parents looking to provide their kids with entertainment and educational opportunities.


  • A variety of educational features
  • Parental control
  • Various fun filters


  • Not waterproof 
  • No GPS tracking feature

What factors must you consider before buying the Best Smartwatches Under 100?

You must ponder various essential characteristics while purchasing the Best Smartwatches Under 100. This section contains a detailed explanation of all these features, so take your time and read them to get valuable information about budget-friendly smartwatches. 

Compatibility with Your Smartphone: 

You must ensure that the Smartwatch you choose is compatible with your smartphone. Check whether it works seamlessly with your iOS or Android device. Compatibility issues can lead to a frustrating user experience.

Features and Functions:

You should carefully assess the features and functions offered by the Smartwatch. Consider what you need the device for. Are you seeking fitness tracking, notification alerts, GPS, or other specific functionalities? Choose a smartwatch that meets your requirements.

Design and Build Quality: 

The design and build quality of the Smartwatch play a significant role in your overall satisfaction. Look for a device that suits your style and is comfortable to wear throughout the day. Durable materials and a good display are essential considerations.

Battery Life: 

Battery life is critical, affecting how often you’ll need to recharge your Smartwatch. Longer battery life is significant if you use your watch for fitness tracking or outdoor activities.

Display Type and Size: 

Evaluate the type of display (LCD, OLED, AMOLED) and its size. A clear and vibrant display enhances the user experience, making it easier to read notifications and use apps.

Fitness Tracking Capabilities: 

If fitness tracking is your priority, check if the Smartwatch offers features like heart rate monitoring, step counting, sleep tracking, and compatibility with fitness apps. Make sure it aligns with your fitness goals.

Water Resistance: 

Consider your lifestyle and whether you need a water-resistant smartwatch. Choose a high-water resistance rating watch if you enjoy swimming or other water-related activities.

Operating System: 

Smartwatches typically run on various operating systems like Wear OS, watchOS, or proprietary software. Research the user interface and available apps for the specific operating system to ensure they suit your needs.

Price and Value: 

Since you are looking for Best Smartwatches Under 100, compare prices and features to get the best value for your budget. Remember to read user reviews and expert opinions to gauge the overall quality.

Brand Reputation and Support:

Trust well-established brands to offer better customer support and regular software updates. Research the reputation of the brand you’re considering and check for ongoing support.

User Reviews and Ratings: 

Reading user reviews and ratings to understand real-world experiences with the Smartwatch is essential. This can provide valuable insights into the device’s performance and reliability.


Always check the warranty terms provided by the manufacturer. A good warranty can offer peace of mind in case of unexpected issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Smartwatches Under 100

While buying the best smartwatches under 100, some questions in users’ minds require proper answers. After scrolling hundreds of web pages, we have found some of the most repeatedly asked queries on smartwatches. In this portion, you will get the reply to these questions from experts. 

Q: What is the warranty for the KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3?

Ans: The Smartwatch typically comes with a one-year warranty, but it’s always a good idea to check with the retailer for specific warranty details.

Q: Is the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro compatible with third-party fitness apps?

Ans: Absolutely! You can sync your fitness data with popular apps like Strava and Google Fit for a more comprehensive overview of your activities.

Q: What restrictions do smartwatches have?

Ans: Some limitations of smartwatches include limited battery life, small screen size, dependency on a paired smartphone, and potential privacy and security concerns.

Q: Do smartwatches need a data plan?

Ans: Smartwatches do not always require a data plan, but some features, like cellular connectivity for calls and messages, may require a separate data plan from your mobile carrier. Many smartwatches can also function via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without a dedicated data plan.

Q: Is it worth getting a smartwatch?

Ans: Whether a smartwatch is worth it depends on your needs and preferences. A smartwatch can be a valuable addition to your life if you value features like fitness tracking, notifications, and convenience. However, it may not be worth the investment if you don’t have a strong need for these features.

Q: Are smartwatches under $100 supporting customizable watch faces and bands?

Ans: Yes, there are Best Smartwatches Under 100 that support customizable watch faces and bands, such as some models from brands like Amazfit, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

Q: What does a Pokemon smartwatch do?

Ans: Pokemon smartwatches are built explicitly for kids. These wearable devices contain a lot of fun and entertaining features that can be a perfect gift for your little ones. Some features include a dual camera for capturing photos or recording videos, a voice recorder, a video player, an album viewer and many more. 

Q: What do smartwatches lack?

Ans: Smartwatches have certain limitations, and one notable area of concern is the absence of rigorous vetting to ensure consumer safety in the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Many privacy worries associated with smartwatches stem from the potential risks of interconnected technology and the absence of well-defined cybersecurity standards within the IoT ecosystem.

Q: What are the benefits of the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch? Provide short answer

Ans: The benefits of the Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch include fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, long battery life, and a compact design.

Q: How large is the screen of the Fire-Boltt Quantum Luxury Smartwatch?

Ans: The Fire-Boltt Quantum Luxury Smartwatch contains a 1.28mm display screen with 240 x 240 pixel resolution. Its high-quality touchscreen allows users to connect with different apps instantly. 

On the Bottom Lines

In this article, we have focused on every possible aspect that can help you make the right decision while shopping for the best smartwatches under 100. In addition, we have acknowledged the pros and cons of every digital watch. These smartwatches can track your health and fitness metrics and provide notifications on your wrist. 

Furthermore, one of the smartwatches above will undoubtedly meet your needs in terms of budget and features. You can always get one of the best smartwatches according to your budget by reading the information in this write-up’s buying guide section.

After searching for top-end digital wearables among numerous smartwatches available in the online market, we have arranged the end-level comfort station for the reviewer’s ease. The three top-notch recommendable high-tech watches include; 

  • VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX 3 is the best-selling kid’s Smartwatch with dual cameras and one and two-player games. This award-winning digital watch also contains school mode, making it the best birthday gift for your little ones.
  • Amazfit Bip U Pro Smartwatch is an affordable option for fitness-oriented people. On typical usage, you can track your daily activities with a long battery time of 9 days. 
  • Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Smart Watch is a power-packed, ultra-slim, compact, stylish digital watch. The precise GPS and fitness monitoring features make it an excellent choice for users. 

Having any of these smartwatches in your watch collection helps you own such stylish, durable, and comfortable smartwatches. Anything you were conscious about about smartwatches is solved now; the information in this article will assist you in making an informed decision. 

The qualities that these digital watches possess are barely present in others. This post will be beneficial for you when you purchase the best smartwatches under 100. 

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